Property Management

Whether you have one residential rental property or a full portfolio of properties, managing them successfully can be a tiresome and time consuming task.

We have the expertise and experience to provide you with a full residential property management service, saving you time and hassle while protecting your assets and maximising your return on them.

No matter what kind of residential rental property you have, we can take care of all the day-to-day problems that might arise, in a way that keeps everyone happy.

Our management service is responsible for maintaining good relationships with tenants, ensuring that rent is paid promptly, your property has been kept in good order which is overlooked through our regular inspections and that the terms of the tenancy is adhered too.

We will ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with efficiently and ensuring that all relevant legal and safety requirements have been met before a tenancy has commenced.

Tenancy Referencing

It is important for us to get the right tenants for you and for this reason we carry out professional referencing through LetSure, one the UK’s leading referencing providers.

They will look at any potential CCJ’s and bankruptcy checks, credit scores, and also will carry out checks on the current address given by the prospective tenants and employment/landlord references.

Deposit Protection

Before any tenancy commences it is important to request a tenancy deposit for the perspective tenants. This will act as a security against any damages or loss of rent not paid by the tenants.

It is usual to ask for 6 weeks deposit although there are cases when a large deposit is obtained. This amount of deposit is then lodged and protected with one of the tenancy deposit protection schemes. D H Lumsden residential is a registered member of the TDS (Tenants deposit Scheme)

Gas Safety Check

Every year a tenancy is renewed it is vital to have the gas safety check on the boiler. This is a legal requirement when letting property and we will ensure it is carried out by a qualified plumber as soon as we are prompted to do so.

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement and must be carried out before any tenancy is created they are also valid for 10 years. You may already have this in place but if you don’t we will happily get this arranged for you.

Collection of Rent

As a full management agent, we will endeavour to collect rent from the tenants and have them paid to you on time. If for any reason the rent is late or there are any outstanding payments then we will do our best to chase this up for you too. We will also provide you with regular monthly statements.

Property Maintenance

As soon as we are notified of any maintenance issues arising from a tenancy we ensure that it is dealt with promptly by firstly informing you of the particular matter in hand. We would then get in touch with one of our qualified maintenance contractors who work on a range of issues, they will be able to provide you with work quotations and carry out the work efficiently.


As soon as a tenancy is created we will have quarterly inspections already logged in advanced for your peace of mind. This will ensure the property is well kept, clean and tidy and that the tenants are fulfilling the obligations set out in their tenancy agreement. We will report our findings to you once the inspection has been carried out.

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